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MazaCoin Development Team

Master Coin Maker: AnonymousPirate - www.CryptoDirect.info

BTC Oyate Initiative: Payu Harris - www.BTCOyateProject.cf

Lead Developer:

The Launch Of MazaCoin

MazaCoin will be launched after a special two-phase pre-mine. This is necessitated by the unique nature of MazaCoin as a Sovereign National Currency.

During the first phase of the MazaCoin pre-mine, the Traditional Lakota Nation as represented by the BTC Oyate Initiative will pre-mine 25 million MazaCoins as the starting point of a National Crypto-Currency Reserve. This reserve is critical as a symbol of national sovereignty, and vital for the future of MazaCoin. With this National Crypto-Reserve the government of the Traditional Lakota Nation can do economic development and stimulus, and have a tool for price stabilization in the future should MazaCoins run into any difficulty.

The Oglala Lakota National MazaCoin Reserve has been turned over to the BTC Oyate Project. The public ledger of this fund can be viewed using a block explorer at this MZC address:


In the second phase of the MazaCoin pre-mine, the MazaCoin Development Team will pre-mine 25 million MZC as a starting point for the MazaCoin Tribal Trust. The MazaCoin Tribal Trust will give grants of MazaCoin to any Tribal member, business or charity of the Traditional Lakota Nation. Grants are set to be 1000 MZC for individuals, 10,000 MZC for businesses and 50,000 MZC for non-profit Tribal organizations. With the initial pre-mine coupled with future mining and donations the MazaCoin National Trust will be able to give these grants out indefinitely.

The MazaCoin Tribal Trust is now complete. The public ledger of this fund can be viewed using a block explorer at this address: MKhbYDjoEUUJq1xoLqT5Xe4yLCNa1qWKqT

MazaCoin Users Guide - CLICK HERE

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Be Part Of Our Community

We welcome everyone into the MazaCoin Community. We have an excellent forum courtesy of the CryptoDirect Mining Consortium that is located HERE. In addition we have an official MazaCoin Chat Room on IRC, you can access via our web client - just CLICK HERE. Come help us build MazaCoin into a world class Crypto-Currency. If you are a merchant or end-user looking for technical support, our friendly MazaCoin Community is waiting to help you at anytime.

The BTC Oyate Initiative

The BTC Oyate Initiative founded by Payu Harris will be the primary liason between the Traditional Lakota Nation and the MazaCoin Development Team. The BTC Oyate Initiative will organize and administer the National Crypto-Currency Reserve. The project has an over-arching goal of introducing Crypto-Currency into the reservation economy for the purpose of economic stimulation and growth. The MazaCoin Project is one aspect of this plan, a Crypto-Exchange haven and mining farms on Tribal Land is another.